Investment Management

We are dedicated to achieving superior investment results while implementing programs consistent with our clients’ individual or business goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Through our preferred custodial relationships and the use of a proprietary investment management system, SuM-it, we have achieved tremendous success.

Our investment philosophy is not based in trying to predict the market. Through a disciplined buy and sell process, we are attempting to mitigate losses resulting from a down market, while capitalizing in an up market. This active and tactical asset allocation strategy is how we manage the majority of our clients’ assets.

The unique SuM-it technology observes current market conditions to identify sustainable trends in which to invest. The use of SuM-it’s powerful, proprietary research tools provide our firm with investment recommendations based on current market data.

This active and tactical management strategy can help avoid the negative consequences of a declining market as well as help capture profit in bull markets.

Active management is also a powerful risk management tool because it seeks the most productive sectors of the market even when the broader market is down. Therefore, in times when equity markets are declining, our strategy may recommend various types of bonds, money market or other defensive asset categories. The end result gives our clients’ a better chance for higher returns in a wider range of economic environments.

Our Beliefs:
– Reviewing portfolios DAILY allows us to monitor risk more efficiently;
– Understanding that protecting your assets is as, if not more, important as growing them;
– It is not just what you profit during any given investment period, but also what you retain.

Our dynamic allocation technology of systematically and objectively balancing risk and performance is one of the key factors that set our firm apart from other advisors.

Contact us for a complimentary demonstration of the SuM-it investment technology or click here to view a brief video explaining our process.