Our Services

Financial Planning

Sound financial planning begins with a detailed understanding of where you’ve been, how and why you spend and where your finances are currently. Our process begins with cash flow modeling that enables us to illustrate our clients’ current financial situation and determine if they are living within their means. We then identify issues and goals, collaborate on possible solutions, implement the agreed upon solutions and review and monitor the strategies.

We also offer executive financial services for businesses and associations, providing financial planning to their executives, partners, members and directors. In these instances each individual would be provided with a personal financial plan.

Portfolio Management

As financial advisors, we are dedicated to achieving superior investment results for each of our clients by implementing programs consistent with their individual or business goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Through our partnerships we have found tremendous success in obtaining many of our clients objectives through the utilization of proven proprietary investment software.

We are part of an exclusive group of advisory firms in the world who have been granted access to the SuM-it research technology – a customized portfolio management system. We utilize and manage the system daily for many of our clients.

TWG and the SuM-it investment process do not attempt to predict the market. Instead, the SuM-it technology observes current market conditions to identify sustainable trends in which to invest. TWG’s investment advisors then make allocation adjustments to over-concentrate in asset classes exhibiting positive pricing movement.

It is important to view the current market in an objective manner, as opposed to a predictive manner, as current market conditions have already factored in past and future economic conditions. It matters less what one thinks the market will do (or ought to do), and more so what the market is actually doing. Based on current market conditions, our process allows us to unemotionally invest in the most productive asset classes during any market cycle. This process and discipline is what fosters successful portfolio performance.

Insurance Services

Life insurance can effectively play a valuable role in financial planning and wealth management for individuals and companies. It is a complex asset that if properly leveraged can provide many tax preferred positions to a comprehensive personal financial or business plan.

The Westerman Group, LLC has significant experience in the review, examination and integration of a variety of insurance products. We can review your existing policies, offer suggestions and integrate any new products based on your need and purpose.

Through a comprehensive analysis of your financial plan, we can also determine if a life insurance policy might serve as an alternative to other previously used financial products.

Individual Life Insurance: Once the need is acknowledged, we work with you in order to assess the quantity of coverage you and your family or business may require. In addition to a death benefit, certain policies permit the cash value to accumulate while deferring taxes.

Disability/Income Continuation: Disability insurance is a product designed to replace your income on a tax-free basis should a disability or illness prevent you from working at your current occupation. We will work with you to properly discover your needs and find the appropriate high-quality policy that will offer you the suitable amount of monthly benefit.

Long-Term Care Insurance: By purchasing a long-term care policy today you take an important step in protecting you and your spouse’s quality of life for tomorrow. Having a long-term care policy also helps protect your family should you be unable to care for yourself or your spouse.

The Life Insurance Audit – A Comprehensive Evaluation of Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Audit provides trustees with a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of trust-owned life insurance policies, along with recommendations to optimize coverage. Consistent with the requirements of the Uniform Prudent Investors Act (UPIA)*, which sets forth standards for actively monitoring life insurance policies held in trust, the Life Insurance Audit provides access to leading-edge expertise, resources and procedures. Click here to read more about the Life Insurance Audit.

Business Planning

As a dynamic, high-energy, client-focused and result-oriented organization, we prove that using the same strategies that have made our clients successful in their personal financial planning will help them achieve success in their business financial plan.

The Westerman Group, LLC has many years of in-depth experience in working with clients’s, their employees and constituents in determining and implementing sound business planning strategies.  

Some of the specific services we provide include:

Business Ownership Planning: We will discuss specific items of interest concerning your business and your ownership of that business.

Business Succession Planning: Our process includes an analysis of the current state of the business that focuses on the business owner’s goals for the future progression of the business. After the owner establishes the goals for the future, alternatives and strategies addressing the continuity or disposition of the business upon death, disability, retirement or decision to sell are provided.

Executive Compensation Planning: We focus on the analysis and recommendation of various compensation strategies to attract, retain and reward key employees of the business. Objectives of the business owner and the financial and legal structure of the business will be reviewed and taken into account in the analysis and recommendation of the current situation.


Protecting and investing what you’ve worked so hard to earn is an ongoing process. The advice, solutions and services we offer are vital to the acquisition, management and transfer of investments over time and across generations. Beyond short-term consulting, our approach to retirement and investment management expands to achieve your critical objectives. We assess the transfer of your income to preserve its full value; organize and simplify your assets so we can make better use of your time; and provide specialized advisory services to optimize your investments in all of its scope and dimensions.

Wealth Preservation

If you are wealthy, comfortable or simply have positive net worth you want to protect and maintain what you have. Most of us also have a fundamental need to care for our loved ones and to keep our family a secure unit in the future. If you have children or property you should consider an estate plan in order to create a better lifestyle for what you leave behind.

We will collaborate with you and your other trusted advisors in order to discover what would happen to your home, investments, life insurance and employee benefits in the event of disability or death. We specialize in serving as the quarterback on your team of trusted advisors and will work with everyone involved to develop the most legally effective arrangements to achieve your estate planning goals. As your financial advisor we help you recognize what you want and need for yourself, your family and charity.