Our Process

If you come to us with a single need or a complete analysis of your financial situation, our process is the same. We always take the time to assess your current situation in order to demonstrate where you are before we solve any problem, or offer any suggestion.


Introductory Interview

(40 Minutes)
• TWG Intro of Services
• Discuss your current situation/vision
• Quantify value of relationship with TWG
• Schedule discovery data interview

Discovery/Data Interview

(2-4 Hours)
• Crystallize objectives/vision
• Gather data and clarify
• Discuss your vision in order to allow you to accomplish your ideal lifestyle
• Establish and prioritize goals and visions

Try-On Interview

(2 Hours)
• Presentation of your current situation
• Build upon planning strategies that allow you to accomplish your vision of ideal lifestyle
• Educate and discuss planning concepts to achieve ideal lifestyle
• Answer questions
• Clarify data, concepts and strategies; “Did we hear it right?”

Present Plan

(2 Hours)
• Discuss plan
• Educate
• Discussion around planning strategies
• Implementation

Reviews and Updates

(As needed)
• Establish review schedule
• Discuss changes in lifestyle and adapt planning accordingly
• Monitor

Click here for a PDF version of our planning process.

SuM-it Brochure

A unique investment management tool used by TWG.
Download the brochure here.

With a proven track record, our proprietary computer algorithms with SuM-it provide specific buy and sell recommendations for each portfolio. We use this tool to tailor our plans for the needs of each unique client.