Insurance Services

Life insurance can effectively play a valuable role in financial planning and wealth management for individuals and companies. It is a complex asset that if properly leveraged can provide many tax preferred positions to a comprehensive personal financial or business plan.

The Westerman Group, LLC has significant experience in the review, examination and integration of a variety of insurance products. We can review your existing policies, offer suggestions and integrate any new products based on your need and purpose.

Through a comprehensive analysis of your financial plan, we can also determine if a life insurance policy might serve as an alternative to other previously used financial products.

Individual Life Insurance: Once the need is acknowledged, we work with you in order to assess the quantity of coverage you and your family or business may require. In addition to a death benefit, certain policies permit the cash value to accumulate while deferring taxes.

Disability/Income Continuation: Disability insurance is a product designed to replace your income on a tax-free basis should a disability or illness prevent you from working at your current occupation. We will work with you to properly discover your needs and find the appropriate high-quality policy that will offer you the suitable amount of monthly benefit.

Long-Term Care Insurance: By purchasing a long-term care policy today you take an important step in protecting you and your spouse’s quality of life for tomorrow. Having a long-term care policy also helps protect your family should you be unable to care for yourself or your spouse.

The Life Insurance Audit – A Comprehensive Evaluation of Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Audit provides trustees with a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of trust-owned life insurance policies, along with recommendations to optimize coverage. Consistent with the requirements of the Uniform Prudent Investors Act (UPIA)*, which sets forth standards for actively monitoring life insurance policies held in trust, the Life Insurance Audit provides access to leading-edge expertise, resources and procedures. Click here to read more about the Life Insurance Audit.