Financial Planning

Sound financial planning begins with a detailed understanding of your current situation – where you’ve been, how and why you spend and what course your current strategies may pave for you and your family moving forward. Through our financial planning process, we take the time to truly understand your current situation by becoming intimately acquainted with you and your personal desired goals.

TWG’s planning process begins with detailed cash flow and net worth modeling and a tallying of current assets – both personal and business. This “fire drill” approach illustrates how your finances will be utilized and ultimately dispersed. This enables us to determine whether your current strategies are in fact consistent with your goals and objectives and if those strategies are the most effective and efficient means to achieve your goals.

Taking the time to acquire an in-depth, thorough understanding of your current situation through our holistic planning process allows us to provide valuable and pertinent ongoing counsel and direction as you move through life and experience those life events which invariably have some element of fiscal change.

Most individuals have done some “planning” but it’s typically done a little at a time, such as creating a will when getting married, buying life insurance when you are starting a family and/or business, and establishing a 401(k) when starting a job. This events-triggered piecemeal approach often results in inefficiencies, redundancies and overlap when viewed in a more holistic and comprehensive manner.

TWG’s planning experts go beyond the numbers and asset values and take the time to really get to know you and the unique family dynamics that create and impact your goals and objectives.

Unexpected life events occur. Priorities change. Some fiscal goals change over time – what was important to you 20 or even five years ago may be superseded by current fiscal needs or non-fiscal goals.

TWG provides both written and visual summaries of our strategies and recommendations –providing simplification to complex information to which you can always refer when you have questions in between scheduled reviews.

We take pride in being great listeners. Our belief is that you would prefer to be understood than to be sold and told what to do.

Our goal is to establish and nurture a meaningful relationship that is based on trust and mutual respect.

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